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This is a newspaper translation system that helps you to read wide ranges of press online on any language you want. You can translate any mass media (newspaper, journal, magazine) on any language that you known (or want) for useful reading. Finding everything you need for newspaper reading online at this website. All you ever wanted to know about newspaper translation on this page.

This project was conceived as a useful tool for easy reading of the international press, a universal media reader in any browser on any device. It is based on a catalogue of periodicals from around the world in various languages, structured by sections, regions, topics with the ability to search, filter and select by criteria. We did not aim to make a complete catalogue of periodicals, you will find in it only the main newspapers and magazines of the world that deserve attention and have an electronic version. As a result, there were more than 1000 such publications, but the database of the press catalogue is constantly being updated with new ones. For each edition there is a brief background information (the year of foundation, theme, liberalism, circulation, etc.) and a detailed description with key historical facts (what the publication has shown itself, remembered by readers). The press translator will give you access to the world of international news, author's articles and analytics from world-renowned politicians, journalists, writers, publicists, intellectuals, economists, scientists.