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Newspaper El Comercio · The Trade read in English

Lima ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·Centre-right
The oldest daily newspaper in Peru and one of the oldest Spanish-language newspapers in the world, the main political, business and economic newspaper of the country, an influential and authoritative publication.

Newspaper La República · The Republic read in English

Lima ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·Centre-left
A predominantly political newspaper, a daily Peruvian center-left publication that was founded by one of the then members of the local Congress, the publication emerged in the 1990s as a political opponent of President Alberto Fujimori.

Newspaper La Industria · The Industry read in English

Trujillo ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·Business, finance, money ·None
The most innovative newspaper in Peru, which has always relied on the use of modern technologies in journalism, layout and printing, is a family business. It focuses more on economics and finance, the business sector, and sports, and less on politics.

Newspaper El Peruano · The Peru Man read in English

Lima ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·Government press ·Pro-government
The official state newspaper of the Government of Peru, used for publishing laws, orders, decrees, regulations, reports. Laws are considered to have entered into force after publication in this publication. The founder of the newspaper is Simon Bolivar, a national hero of Venezuela. Many educational materials are also published here.

Newspaper Perú.21 · The Peru.Twenty-One read in English

Lima ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·Centre-right
This contemporary newspaper is known in Peru for its critical articles and cartoons on government actions, focused on the country's young and modern generation, mainly devoted to politics, as well as social news, urban events of the capital, the city of Lima, Venezuela, sports and entertainment.

Newspaper Hoy · The Today read in English

Huanuco ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
The main regional daily newspaper of Peru, publishes news from all Peruvian provinces and every major city. Author's newspaper published by journalist David Alania. News topics range from politics and economics to social news and sports.

Newspaper Correo · The Courier read in English

Lima ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·Centre-right
The national Peruvian daily is a Spanish-language newspaper that represents the political trends of the center-right and libertarianism in the country. It ranks 3rd in popularity among readers and is published in 16 regional versions.

Newspaper Extra read in English

Lima ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·Yellow press ·Yellow Journalism
The leading tabloid in Peru, a sensational newspaper in the style of «yellow press»: incidents, crime reports, investigative journalism, show business, stars, rumors, entertainment content. The newspaper differs from most representatives of the local press with its large headlines and many photos.