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Newspaper Timpul de dimineață · The Morning Times read in English

Chisinau ·Romanian ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
An independent and anti-communist newspaper in the Romanian language, aimed at representatives of the Romanian diaspora living in Moldova. Since 2019, the print version of the newspaper has been suspended due to financial problems. Digital e-paper edition still available and updates.

Newspaper Unghiul · The Ungenu read in English

Ungheni ·Romanian ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
The newspaper of the Moldovan city of Ungheni, located 107 km from Chisinau on the border with Romania, is dedicated to current urban events and problems of the region in an independent presentation. A private publication in the Romanian language, the motto of which is: «Look at the world as it is!».

Magazine Contrafort read in English

Chisinau ·Romanian ·Magazine ·Monthly ·Books, literature ·None
A monthly cultural, literary and artistic magazine of Moldova in the Romanian language, published by the Romanian Institute of Culture of Chisinau. The first post-Soviet literary magazine in the country. Representative of the cultural revival in Romania and Moldova.

Newspaper Jurnal de Chișinău · The Chisinau Journal read in English

Chisinau ·Romanian ·Newspaper ·2 per week ·General ·None
An infotainment Moldovan newspaper in Romanian, published in Chisinau twice a week by the media holding «Jurnal Trust». One of the largest-circulation newspapers in the Republic. The newspaper's editorial office has its own TV channel and radio station.

Newspaper Ziarul de Gardă · The Garda Newspaper read in English

Chisinau ·Romanian ·Newspaper ·Weekly ·Politics ·None
The Moldovan weekly newspaper of journalistic political and economic investigations, reports, and analytical notes is positioned as an independent newspaper, but at the same time it is funded by the government and various non-profit foundations.