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Newspaper La Tercera · The Third Hour read in English

Santiago ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
The National Liberal-Conservative Chilean newspaper in Spanish, is one of the leaders among the national newspapers of Chile and is a member of the association of leading Latin American newspapers «Periódicos Asociados Latinoamericanos».

Newspaper El Mercurio · The Mercury read in English

Santiago ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·Right
Chile's oldest Spanish-language newspaper, which played an important informational role during the 1973 coup, is published in two versions for Santiago and Valparaiso.

Newspaper Las Últimas Noticias · The Latest News read in English

Santiago ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·Yellow press ·None
The Chilean newspaper is an entertainment tabloid, created in the early 20th century as an evening supplement to the popular national newspaper «El Mercurio», and is published by its editorial staff today. She was known for her Latin American comic book series: Calvin and Hobbes, Condorito, and Nioñobañez. One of the most popular daily newspapers in Chile.

Newspaper El Día · The Day read in English

La Serena ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
Regional newspaper of the Chilean commune and city of La Serena, as well as the entire Coquimbo region. Almost from the very beginning, it belongs to a private person, a local journalist Antonio Rodriguez and his family. The newspaper has its own radio station.

Newspaper La Segunda · The Second read in English

Santiago ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·Right
A daily evening Chilean newspaper with a right-wing political direction, it was conceived as a supplement to «Las Últimas Noticias» for publishing political news and later became an independent publication. Available in Central and Metropolitan Chile, Valparaiso.

Newspaper Diario Financiero · The Financial Diary read in English

Santiago ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
The main national financial and business newspaper of Chile, created by a group of journalists «El Mercurio», collaborates with the Spanish «Expansión», is published on characteristic colored paper.

Newspaper La Nación · The Nation read in English

Santiago ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
The national newspaper of Chile, which throughout its history represented the interests of the current government, and today it is 70% owned by the state. Among all national newspapers, it has one of the smallest circulations.

Magazine The Clinic read in English

Santiago ·Spanish ·Magazine ·Weekly ·Politics ·Left
Political, cultural and social analytical weekly magazine of Chile with a characteristic «sharp» and satirical tone of publications, which deals with topical issues and problems of the Latin American region. The magazine uses humor and cartoons as the main tool for influencing the imperfection of society. He is known for the mini-comics of the cartoonist Sergio Aragones.

Newspaper El Sur · The South read in English

Concepcion ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
Chilean national daily conservative newspaper of the city of Concepcion and Arauco province in the Biobio region, until 1904 it was an opposition newspaper that criticized the current government and later became independent.

Newspaper El Rancagüino · The Rankaguan read in English

Rankagua ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
Regional newspaper of the Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins region in central Chile, as well as the city of Rancagua. Many well-known later Chilean writers and poets were published here. It is part of the American and Latin American Newspaper Associations.

Newspaper La Prensa · The Press read in English

Kuriko ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
The newspaper of the Chilean region of Maule, distributed in the central part of the country in the provinces of Linare, Kauken and Talca, was founded at the end of the XIX century as the city newspaper Curico with announcements and official publications.

Newspaper Diario Austral · The South Diary read in English

Valdivia ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
Regional newspaper of the Chilean province and city of Valdivia, as well as the entire Los Rios region, located in the central part of Chile approximately in the middle of the country. It was here that the epicenter of the most powerful earthquake in the world's history was located on March 12, 1960.

Magazine Cambio 21 · The Trends 21 read in English

Santiago ·Spanish ·Magazine ·Weekly ·Politics ·Centrism
An electronic Chilean publication and political weekly magazine in Spanish with an objective and independent position, reflecting the Latin American national and international reality.

Magazine El Siglo · The Century read in English

Santiago ·Spanish ·Magazine ·Daily ·General ·Communism
The official publication is the weekly of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Chile (Partido Comunista de Chile), which was banned for most of its history and was published unofficially as an underground newspaper. Today, the newspaper is engaged in criticism of the existing political, economic and social systems.

Newspaper El Llanquihue read in English

Puerto Montt ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
The daily conservative Spanish-language newspaper of the Chilean province of Llanquiue in the central Los Lagos region, as well as the city newspaper of Puerto Montt.

Newspaper El Expreso de la Costa · The Coastal Express read in English

Pichilemu ·Spanish ·Newspaper ·Monthly ·General ·None
Information, business and socio-cultural monthly in Spanish of the Chilean commune Pichilemu, located in the province of Cardenal Caro and the O'Higgins region. The publication is aimed at local residents and tourists.