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Newspaper Zagreb News read in English

Zagreb ·Croatian ·Newspaper ·Weekly ·General ·None
Free advertising and informational newspaper of the Croatian capital city of Zagreb. The publication is aimed primarily at residents of neighboring countries with Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, as well as tourists. It offers readers a detailed overview of the week's events in Croatian.

Newspaper 24sata · The 24Hours read in English

Zagreb ·Croatian ·Newspaper ·Daily ·Yellow press ·None
One of the youngest and at the same time most popular newspapers in Croatia, a typical representative of the tabloid press. The publication is based on short articles with lots of photos and loud headlines. Each issue features cartoons of Nick Titanic.

Newspaper Večernji list · The Evening Newspaper read in English

Zagreb ·Croatian ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·Centre-right
The national Croatian daily evening newspaper, published in three versions for Zagreb, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also as an international publication for the Croatian-speaking audience in Europe. The most popular and best-selling newspaper of the former Yugoslavia.

Newspaper Jutarnji list · The Morning Newspaper read in English

Zagreb ·Croatian ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·Left
Croatian popular national daily morning newspaper, published in the capital of the country, the city of Zagreb, was conceived as a liberal publication, but represents more of a left-wing trend. The most successful print publication of the Croatian Republic in the last 30 years.

Newspaper Sportske novosti · The Sport Bulletin read in English

Zagreb ·Croatian ·Newspaper ·Daily ·Sport ·None
A daily news publication of the City of Zagreb with news from the world of sports, the newspaper annually awards various prizes to local athletes and teams. The most widely circulated newspaper of the former Yugoslavia, formerly known as «Narodni sport».

Newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija · The Free Dalmatia read in English

Split ·Croatian ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·Right
A daily Croatian newspaper of the city of Split and the Dalmatia region, it gained particular popularity in the 1990s, when it became a political discussion club, providing an opportunity for authors with opposing views to speak out.

Newspaper Privredni vjesnik · The Business Messenger read in English

Zagreb ·Croatian ·Newspaper ·Weekly ·Business, finance, money ·None
The oldest financial and business magazine in Croatia, published weekly in Zagreb by the Croatian Ministry of Economy and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce «Hrvatska gospodarska komora» (HGK). It is aimed at entrepreneurs and everyone involved in business.

Magazine Globus · The Globe read in English

Zagreb ·Croatian ·Magazine ·Weekly ·Politics ·None
A weekly news magazine in Croatian, dedicated to current issues and events in the Croatian-Serbian region in the fields of politics, economics, legislation, law, culture, society, ethics and others. The magazine often publishes investigative journalism and publishes incriminating documents and photo reports.

Newspaper Glas Istre · The Istria Voice read in English

Pools ·Croatian ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
A local newspaper in the Croatian region of Istria in the north-west of the republic, it was founded in 1943 as the diary of Yugoslav Partisans, then it was published as an appendix to the «Novi List» and since the 1990s it has grown into an independent regional newspaper.

Newspaper Novi List · The New Newspaper read in English

Rijeka ·Croatian ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·Centre-left
One of the oldest national daily newspapers in Croatia, published in the city of Rijeka since the beginning of the XX century, distributed mainly in the north-west of the republic in the Primorsko-Goranska region. In the 1990s, it was a critical, purely political publication.

Magazine Nacional · The National read in English

Zagreb ·Croatian ·Magazine ·Weekly ·Politics ·None
Croatian Magazine is a weekly press media dedicated to politics, economics, sports, lifestyle, entertainment and show business. The publication made its career in the mid-1990s, when its main topic was political and economic investigative journalism.

Newspaper Glas Slavonije · The Slavonias Voive read in English

Osijek ·Croatian ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
The provincial Croatian newspaper of the region of Slavonia and the city of Osijek, is the successor of the Hrvatski list, published in this region from 1920-1945.

Magazine Novosti · The News read in English

Zagreb ·Croatian ·Magazine ·Weekly ·Politics ·Left
Croatian weekly magazine, published by the organization «Srpsko narodno vjeje», which represents and protects the ethnic, civil, social rights and interests of Croatian Serbs in the Republic. Publishes official messages, a news feed, a poster, interviews, and a lot of educational materials.

Magazine Vijenac · The Wreath read in English

Zagreb ·Croatian ·Magazine ·3 per month ·Books, literature ·None
The main cultural and literary magazine of Croatia, which reflects the trends of contemporary art and everyday life of the Republic (cinema, music, theater, poetry, architecture, science). It is published by the editorial office of «Matica hrvatska», the Central State Institute of Culture of Croatia. In 1998, a new magazine «Zarez» was created on its basis.

Newspaper Zadarski list · The Zadar Newspaper read in English

Zadar ·Croatian ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
Croatian regional newspaper of the Zadar region and the city of the same name on the Adriatic coast: local news from the world of politics, economy, culture, sports, city events, incidents, tourist guide. The first daily newspaper of the city of Zadar.

Newspaper Narodne novine · The Peoples News read in English

Zagreb ·Croatian ·Newspaper ·Weekly ·Government press ·None
Official publication of the Republic of Croatia, which publishes laws, regulations, opinions and official communications, reports and election programs. The publication also publishes a lot of informative information about history, culture, and tourism.

Newspaper Narodni list · The Peoples Paper read in English

Zadar ·Croatian ·Newspaper ·Weekly ·General ·None
Independent weekly publication of Croatia, one of the oldest in the country, deals with «acute» topics from the life of the Republic, publishes mainly author's journalistic investigations, people's news, various analytics.

Newspaper Poslovni dnevnik · The Business Daily read in English

Zagreb ·Croatian ·Newspaper ·Daily ·Business, finance, money ·None
A daily financial and business publication published every business day in Zagreb, Croatia. The first Croatian business daily, aimed at business representatives, business leaders, financial workers.

Magazine The Dubrovnik Times read in English

Dubrovnik ·English ·Magazine ·Daily ·Travel and adventures ·None
Croatian Dubrovnik Tourist Information Magazine and reference guide-travel guide with free map, poster, sightseeing, tips, list of hotels and restaurants, museums, restaurant guide, useful information.

Magazine The Adriatic Times read in English

Croatia ·English ·Magazine ·Weekly ·Travel and adventures ·None
Tourist weekly of the Adriatic coast of Croatia, dedicated to the largest Croatian region of Dalmatia with the cities of Zadar, Makarska, Split, Trogir, Sibenik. Published by the editorial office of the newspaper «Slobodna Dalmacija», distributed free of charge.

Newspaper Glas Koncila · The Council Voice read in English

Zagreb ·Croatian ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·Religious
Founded in 1962 on the initiative of the so-called «Franciscans of Zagreb», the Catholic religious weekly newspaper is now published by the Archdiocese of Zagreb and is the main bulletin of the Catholic Church of Croatia.

Magazine The Zagreb Times read in English

Zagreb ·Croatian ·Magazine ·Weekly ·Travel and adventures ·None
Weekly travel bulletin - guide for tourists in Croatian, dedicated to the city of Zagreb. In the publication you can find a lot of informative and reference information: free maps, descriptions of attractions, lists of hotels and restaurants, posters, travel guides.

Magazine Zarez · The Comma read in English

Zagreb ·Croatian ·Magazine ·2 per week ·Books, literature ·None
Croatian independent magazine dedicated to contemporary literature, poetry, art, science, music, film and television. It is published by the former staff of another popular Croatian literary magazine «Vijenac». The publication is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Zagreb.