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Newspaper Dagens Nyheter · The News of the Day read in English

Stockholm ·Swedish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
Swedish daily morning newspaper, published since 1864 in Stockholm. Organizer and sponsor of various social and sports events, awards and nominations. It is also distributed outside of Sweden in the Scandinavian countries by subscription.

Newspaper Expressen · The Express read in English

Stockholm ·Swedish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·Yellow press ·None
Daily popular Swedish evening tabloid newspaper in the style of sensational independent investigative journalism. Available for free sale all over Sweden, it is published in three versions for Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg. Her work has received a number of awards.

Newspaper Göteborgs-Posten · The Goteburg Post read in English

Gothenburg ·Swedish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
One of the oldest Swedish newspapers, regional edition of Gothenburg, the largest newspaper in western Sweden. 40% of the total printed space in the newspaper is occupied by advertising.

Newspaper Aftonbladet · The Evening Newspaper read in English

Stockholm ·Swedish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·Yellow press ·None
Swedish daily evening newspaper of Stockholm with a characteristic tabloid sense. The leader in the number of sales in Scandinavia. He is regularly criticized for dubious articles and lack of proper control over information sources.

Newspaper Svenska Dagbladet · The Swedish Daily Newspaper read in English

Stockholm ·Swedish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
A popular Swedish independent publication, published and distributed primarily in Stockholm. The newspaper organizes various awards in the fields of culture and sports.

Newspaper Dagens Industri · The Indusrty Today read in English

Stockholm ·Swedish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·Business, finance, money ·None
Daily Swedish financial, economic and business publication. The newspaper's website has been considered the Best Swedish online economic publication for more than 15 years.

Newspaper Sydsvenska Dagbladet Snällposten · The South Sweddish Man read in English

Malmo ·Swedish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
Swedish local newspaper of the south of the country, the province of Skåne and the city of Malmo. It is one of the oldest Swedish publications. It is published in two regional versions for Lunde and the South. One of the most subsidized daily newspapers in Sweden.

Newspaper Barometern · The Barometer read in English

Kalmar ·Swedish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·None
One of the oldest social and political newspapers in Scandinavia in the Swedish language, distributed in the south-east of Sweden and in the west of Finland. Since 1861, the newspaper has also been regularly published in the Russian Empire as a foreign publication in Swedish.

Newspaper Östersunds-Posten · The Estersund Post read in English

Ostersund ·Swedish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·Centre-right
Publications of the central region of Sweden, the city of Ostersund, published since 1877. The first daily newspaper in the Swedish region of Jammtland. The first among the local regional press was published on the Internet in 1994. Prize-winner in 2005 in the category «Newspaper with the Best Design in Europe».

Newspaper Östra Småland · The East Smaland read in English

Kalmar ·Swedish ·Newspaper ·Daily ·General ·Social-democratic
The publication of the southern region of Sweden, the city of Kalmar, represents the interests of the Swedish Social Democrats Party, the working class and representatives of the region's agriculture. The last printed issue of the newspaper was published in 2019, the fate of the electronic version is still in question.