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Information about «Las Últimas Noticias»
Newspaper Name: Las Últimas Noticias
Name on english: The Latest News
Alternative Names: Lun
Owner: El Mercurio SAP
Country / Region: Chile (Santiago)
Language: Spanish
Format type: Newspaper
Category: Yellow press
Political alignment: None
Frequency: Daily
Publication Years (print version): 1902 — now (121 year)
Publication Years (digital version): 1994 — now (29 years)
Circulation: 65 000 (2015)
Website: lun.com   [read with translation]

This newspaper was founded on November 15, 1902, by Augustin Edwards, owner of the evening «El Mercurio», after his successful trip to the United States, where he learned about the world's leading periodicals. It was planned that soon «El Mercurio» will be transformed into a morning edition, and this newspaper will become an afternoon supplement to it and will be published under the title «Las Ultimas Noticias de El Mercurio» (Latest Mercury News). In reality, the newspaper published things that could not fit in the morning edition: analytical materials, official statements, author's articles, and so on. In 1931, during the flight of President Carlos Ibanez del Campo from the country, the newspaper had its own second edition, the so-called «segunda edición de Las Últimas Noticias» (second edition of «Las Últimas Noticias»), which eventually formed into an independent evening newspaper «La Segunda».

Until the 1980s, Las Últimas Noticias traditionally published popular Latin American comic book series: Calvin and Hobbes, Condorito, and Nióñobañez. The newspaper paid a lot of attention to investigative journalism and incidents. Since the early 2000s, the newspaper has completely switched to entertainment topics (interesting news, stories, humor, comics, puzzles, crosswords, ads, interviews, favorable store offers, reviews of technological innovations) and has become something like the British «Daily Mirror» or the American «The New York Post». Today, in local ratings, it is in third place in popularity and first as the «best-selling Chilean newspaper», among the locals it is better known simply as «LUN». The daily issue of the newspaper has about 40 pages, but almost every second is occupied by advertising.

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Detailed information about «Las Últimas Noticias»

Official newspaper name on original language: Las Últimas Noticias

Newspaper name «Las Últimas Noticias» translated on english: The Latest News

Additional or alternative (historical, short, second, abbreviation) names of «Las Últimas Noticias» newspaper (media also known as): Lun

Owner of «Las Últimas Noticias» newspaper: El Mercurio SAP

Founder of «Las Últimas Noticias» newspaper: Agustín Edwards Mac Clure

Country or region of publishing of «Las Últimas Noticias» newspaper: Chile

General language of «Las Últimas Noticias» newspaper: Spanish

General category of content of «Las Últimas Noticias» newspaper: Yellow press

Political alignment (orientation) of «Las Últimas Noticias» newspaper: None, Sensationalism, Yellow Journalism

Frequency of publication of «Las Últimas Noticias» newspaper: Daily

Year of foundation (established) of «Las Últimas Noticias» newspaper (print version): 1902

Age of «Las Últimas Noticias» newspaper (print version): 121 year

Year of foundation (established) of «Las Últimas Noticias» newspaper (digital version): 1994

Age of «Las Últimas Noticias» newspaper (digital version): 29 years

Average circulation of «Las Últimas Noticias» newspaper: 65 000 (1902)

Website and digital version of «Las Últimas Noticias» newspaper: lun.com

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