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El Llanquihue

Information about «El Llanquihue»
Newspaper Name: El Llanquihue
Owner: Sociedad Periodística Araucanía S.A.
Country / Region: Chile (Puerto Montt)
Language: Spanish
Format type: Newspaper
Category: General
Political alignment: None
Frequency: Daily
Publication Years (print version): 1885 — now (138 years)
Website: ellanquihue.cl   [read with translation]

The Chilean newspaper Llanquihue was founded on February 12, 1885, by the Minister of State and journalist Abdon Cifuentes, together with a group of prominent Puerto Rican conservatives. The newspaper was published once a week under the headline «Órgano del Partido Conservador» (Organ of the Conservative Party) and the slogans:«Dios y Patria» (God and the Motherland) and «Libertad dentro del Orden» (Freedom in the Order).

Since 1911, the newspaper has been published daily and has spread to the Chiloe region, and has been described as «The Daily Defender of our Catholic religion and the bulwark of the Conservative Party». Throughout its history, the newspaper «Llanquihue» has witnessed numerous events in the history of the city of Puerto Montt, such as: the onset of the First World War, and then the Second World War (the newspaper was the first among the Chilean press to report this to readers); the earthquake of May 22, 1960; the visit of Pope John Paul II in April 1987 the first parliamentary elections in 16 years in 1989; and municipal elections in recent decades. For its centenary, the newspaper published an anniversary issue consisting of 108 pages with key events of the era. The newspaper takes its name from Llanquiue Province in the central Los Lagos region.

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Detailed information about «El Llanquihue»

Official newspaper name on original language: El Llanquihue

Owner of «El Llanquihue» newspaper: Sociedad Periodística Araucanía S.A.

Founder of «El Llanquihue» newspaper: Abdón Cifuentes

Country or region of publishing of «El Llanquihue» newspaper: Chile

General language of «El Llanquihue» newspaper: Spanish

General category of content of «El Llanquihue» newspaper: General

Political alignment (orientation) of «El Llanquihue» newspaper: Conservative

Frequency of publication of «El Llanquihue» newspaper: Daily

Year of foundation (established) of «El Llanquihue» newspaper (print version): 1885

Age of «El Llanquihue» newspaper (print version): 138 years

Website and digital version of «El Llanquihue» newspaper: ellanquihue.cl

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