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Information about «USA Today» media
Newspaper Name: USA Today
Owner: Gannett Company
Publisher: Satellite Information Network, LLC
Country / Region: USA (McLane, Virginia)
Language: English
Format type: Newspaper
Category: General
Political alignment: None
Frequency: Daily
Publication Years (print version): 1982 — now (41 year)
Publication Years (digital version): 1995 — now (28 years)
ISSN: 0734-7456
Circulation: 958,000 (2015)
Official Pages:
Official Apps:
Website: usatoday.com   [read with translation]

Before the appearance of «USA Today», there was no single national newspaper in the United States; the division of the newspaper market was based on a regional principle — in each major city or state, a local regional publication was in the lead. If you wanted to keep up with the latest news from the entire North American continent, you had to subscribe or buy at least three newspapers: «The New York Times» (East Coast News), «Los Angeles Times» (West Coast News), and «The Washington Post» (center).

The so-called American «Project NN» (Project National News), an initiative project of the Gannett Company to create a local national newspaper in the United States, was launched on February 29, 1980 in Florida. The new edition, which was named «USA Today», was based on the California newspapers «East Bay Today» and «Oakland Tribune». Just a year later, a trial edition of «USA Today» took place, and its first official publication took place on April 20, 1982. Since September, it has been published on a regular basis, initially available only in Baltimore and Washington, and by the end of the year — nationwide at a fixed price of 25 cents.

The success of the publication was predictable, because it simply had no competitors. In 1984, the first unified national daily newspaper in the United States, «USA Today», became available abroad, and since 1985 it has been considered the second most popular newspaper in the North American press market after «The Wall Street Journal». In «USA Today», there was no regional division, the newspaper relied on the unity of the country. For effective promotion, «USA Today» has developed its own style and journalistic standard, while focusing on three key points: the quality of articles (in each issue they always came with a lot of color photos), branding (the newspaper had a memorable logo, special design of articles), distribution (in all possible ways throughout the country). Each publication published the most significant news of the country from different states, as well as international events. The newspaper's logo was one of the most recognizable American brands in the 1990s, and it is not surprising that the newspaper «starred» in many North American films and left its mark in numerous literary works of the period. In the 1990s, its daily readership in the United States was more than 6 million people.

The «USA Today» newspaper set several personal circulation records in 1988: on January 29, its 78-page edition sold 2,114,055 copies across the country, and this was facilitated, of course, by a sports event-a preliminary forecast of the upcoming Super Bowl XXII football league popular in the United States, and on September 2, Labor Day its circulation increased by another 100 thousand copies. Traditionally, it is very popular during elections in the United States. Here you can find out forecasts and voting results immediately from all states.

Regular supplements to the «USA Today» newspaper: USA Wekeend (week), USA Today Sports Weekly (sports), The Big Leaf, Opinions (analytics), Across the USA (travel), Market Trends (market). Periodic anniversary editions are issued for various dates and events: elections, historical events, space, national parks, travel. The publication employs many well-known North American journalists. The newspaper is an organizer of sports events and the founder of various sports awards, mainly dedicated to ball games (basketball and American youth football). The editorial board of the publication has many initiative projects to support talented young people, and it regularly provides financial assistance to various charitable organizations.

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Detailed information about «USA Today» media

Official newspaper name in original language: USA Today

Owner of the «USA Today» newspaper: Gannett Company

Publisher of the «USA Today» newspaper: Satellite Information Network, LLC

Founder of the «USA Today» newspaper: Al Neuharth

Country or region of publishing of the «USA Today» newspaper: USA

General language of the «USA Today» newspaper: English

General category of content of the «USA Today» newspaper: General

Political alignment (orientation) of the «USA Today» newspaper: None, Pro Americanism

Frequency of publication of the «USA Today» newspaper: Daily

Year of foundation (established) of the «USA Today» newspaper (print version): 1982

Age of the «USA Today» newspaper (print version): 41 year

Year of foundation (established) of the «USA Today» newspaper (digital version): 1995

Age of the «USA Today» newspaper (digital version): 28 years

ISSN number of the «USA Today» newspaper: 0734-7456

Average circulation of the «USA Today» newspaper: 958,000 (2015)

Website and digital version of the «USA Today» newspaper: usatoday.com

On this page you can find information about American newspaper «USA Today»: short info, statistics and historical facts, founder and owner info, years of publications, area of circulation, actions, dates, interesting moments and others. Detailed Information contains more data and actual info about issue and showed in table view. Short description of the «USA Today» contains only general facts about media (founder, owner, publisher, years, political alignment).

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