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Information about «Chicago Tribune» media
Newspaper Name: Chicago Tribune
Alternative Names: The Tribune
Owner: Tribune Publishing
Publisher: R. Bruce Dold
Country / Region: USA (Chicago)
Language: English
Format type: Newspaper
Category: General
Political alignment: Centrism
Frequency: Daily
Publication Years (print version): 1847 — now (176 years)
ISSN: 1085-6706
Circulation: 448,000 (2015)
Official Pages:
Official Apps:
Website: chicagotribune.com   [read with translation]

«The Chicago Tribune» is a regional publication of the city of Chicago and the American Midwest. The largest distribution of the newspaper is directly in the city of Chicago and in the region of the so-called Chicago Metropolitan Area, as well as in the American Great Lakes Region.

The newspaper was founded in 1847 under the title «The Tribune» and was not a political publication, although it supported some parties and opposed the endless flow of emigrants. Since 1855, it was considered unofficially supporting the Nativist Know Nothing party, and later the Republicans and its representative Abraham Lincoln. This was followed by a wave of acquisitions of other Chicago publications: in 1855, the newspaper merged with the «Free West», in 1858 — with the «Democratic Press», in 1861 — the «Chicago Democrat». In the period 1858-1860, the newspaper was called «Chicago Press & Tribune», from October 25, 1860 - «Chicago Daily Tribune».

In the new century, the newspaper continued its policy of focusing on internal values and old rules and supporting Republicans, demanded isolation of the country from migrants and criticized Roosevelt's new program for overcoming the crisis. «The Chicago Tribune» was not the leader in the city, it was only 3rd place after the «Chicago Examiner» and the «Chicago Herald». To attract a new audience, its pages feature humorous inserts-comics «Little Orphan Annie» and «Moon Mullins» on current topics and events. The solution with comics was very successful, in 1940-1943, a separate supplement «The Chicago Tribune Comic Book» was even published for the newspaper, and later the popular series «The Spirit» was launched. In addition, the technology of abbreviating words and expressions was introduced, which helped the newspaper to make articles more voluminous.

In 1919, the newspaper's editorial staff went to conquer New York, where it opened a representative office and began publishing the «New York Daily News», which today is among the ten most widely circulated in the United States. In 1922, a new Neo-Gothic building was built in Chicago for the newspaper's editorial office, the so-called Tribune Tower, located at 435 North Michigan Avenue (The Magnificent Mile). In 1929, the newspaper sponsored an Arctic round-the-world flight through Greenland and Iceland on the new flying machine of the inventor Sikorsky, which unfortunately ended in failure.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the newspaper also entered the radio and TV market: in 1924, it became the owner of the WDAP radio station, which was renamed WGN (World's Greatest Newspaper), and in 1948 — the WGN Television channel. Today, the newspaper is the oldest owner of TV and radio companies in the United States.

The newspaper's achievements and mistakes: in 1919, it published the full text of the Treaty of Versailles; during the 1948 presidential election, it pre-declared Thomas Dewey the winner (the Republican nominee); in 1974, it published the full text of Richard Nixon's 246,000-word, 44-page transcript, thus hitting itself in the headlines of other newspapers.

The newspaper's journalists have won the Pulitzer Prize 27 times.

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Detailed information about «Chicago Tribune» media

Official newspaper name in original language: Chicago Tribune

Additional or alternative (historical, short, second, abbreviation) names of the «Chicago Tribune» newspaper (media also known as): The Tribune

Owner of the «Chicago Tribune» newspaper: Tribune Publishing

Publisher of the «Chicago Tribune» newspaper: R. Bruce Dold

Founder of the «Chicago Tribune» newspaper: James Kelly, John E. Wheeler, and Joseph K. C. Forrest

Country or region of publishing of the «Chicago Tribune» newspaper: USA

General language of the «Chicago Tribune» newspaper: English

General category of content of the «Chicago Tribune» newspaper: General

Political alignment (orientation) of the «Chicago Tribune» newspaper: Centre-right, Centrism

Frequency of publication of the «Chicago Tribune» newspaper: Daily

Year of foundation (established) of the «Chicago Tribune» newspaper (print version): 1847

Age of the «Chicago Tribune» newspaper (print version): 176 years

ISSN number of the «Chicago Tribune» newspaper: 1085-6706

ISSN Web Online of the «Chicago Tribune» newspaper: 2165-171X

OCLC number of the «Chicago Tribune» newspaper: 60639020

Average circulation of the «Chicago Tribune» newspaper: 448,000 (2015)

Website and digital version of the «Chicago Tribune» newspaper: chicagotribune.com

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