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The Villager

Information about «The Villager» media
Newspaper Name: The Villager
Alternative Names: TheVi
Owner: Schneps Communications
Publisher: Schneps Media
Country / Region: USA (New York)
Language: English
Format type: Newspaper
Category: General
Political alignment: None
Frequency: Weekly
Publication Years (print version): 1933 — now (90 years)
ISSN: 0042-6202
Website: thevillager.com   [read with translation]

«The Villager» is a weekly magazine for downtown New York and one of the busiest areas of Manhattan. In 2001, 2004, and 2005, the magazine won the Stuart Dorman Award for «New York's Best Weekly Publication», and the New York Press Association considers it the city's «Best Content Newspaper». In 2005, «The Villager» was described by «New York Times Magazine» as «...even better than The New York Times». «The Villager» is published once a week on approximately 30 pages and costs $1, covering such areas of New York as Greenwich Village, East Village, Lower East Side, Soho, Union Square, Chinatown, Noho. The newspaper is published by Schneps Media, and it also publishes other newspapers: the Downtown Express and the Manhattan Express, which are actually copies of the Wilidzer with only different names and partially modified content.

The name of the newspaper «The Villager» can be literally translated as «provincial». This humorous title reflects the concept of the diary publication, which is supposedly narrated on behalf of an uninitiated provincial resident who has first arrived in New York and is interested in everything. According to official sources, the name of this newspaper comes from the word «Village» («Province»), dates back to the XVII century and describes the area where this newspaper is distributed today. At that time, it was an urban back yard, a real province without roads and any infrastructure with swampy meadows and detached huts. The area developed rapidly and was populated, especially after the yellow Fever epidemic of 1822, when New Yorkers were looking for a greener place to live. A special flourishing period for the «Village» area occurred in the XX century, where bohemians settled: musicians, politicians, actors; finally, roads were built and block planning and active development began.

So a more correct translation for this newspaper is the word «Citizen», because today this area is the center of the entire city. It is located in Manhattan, but still considered the outskirts, there are no tall buildings and the hustle and bustle characteristic of downtown, there is a lot of greenery and air, and life flows calmly and evenly. In general, this publication is considered the city bulletin of New York, the city that never sleeps, and the events taking place here are enough for more than one newspaper. The publication does not lose sight of any even the most insignificant events of the city. Traditionally, the publication has the following sections: News, Incidents, Politics, Opinion, Culture and Entertainment, Real Estate, Food and Nightlife, Children and Education, Ads.

In the spring of 2020, the newspaper changed its owner and its electronic version was merged with «AM New York».

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Detailed information about «The Villager» media

Official newspaper name in original language: The Villager

Additional or alternative (historical, short, second, abbreviation) names of the «The Villager» newspaper (media also known as): TheVi

Owner of the «The Villager» newspaper: Schneps Communications

Publisher of the «The Villager» newspaper: Schneps Media

Founder of the «The Villager» newspaper: Walter и Isabel Bryan

Country or region of publishing of the «The Villager» newspaper: USA

General language of the «The Villager» newspaper: English

General category of content of the «The Villager» newspaper: General

Political alignment (orientation) of the «The Villager» newspaper: None

Frequency of publication of the «The Villager» newspaper: Weekly

Year of foundation (established) of the «The Villager» newspaper (print version): 1933

Age of the «The Villager» newspaper (print version): 90 years

ISSN number of the «The Villager» newspaper: 0042-6202

Website and digital version of the «The Villager» newspaper: thevillager.com

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