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Cork Independent

Information about «Cork Independent»
Newspaper Name: Cork Independent
Alternative Names: Inside Cork
Owner: IFN Group Newspapers
Country / Region: Ireland (Cork)
Language: English
Format type: Newspaper
Category: General
Political alignment: None
Frequency: Weekly
Publication Years (print version): 2007 — now (16 years)
Circulation: 21 000 (2015)
Website: corkindependent.com   [read with translation]

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Detailed information about «Cork Independent»

Official newspaper name on original language: Cork Independent

Additional or alternative (historical, short, second, abbreviation) names of «Cork Independent» newspaper (media also known as): Inside Cork

Owner of «Cork Independent» newspaper: IFN Group Newspapers

Country or region of publishing of «Cork Independent» newspaper: Ireland

General language of «Cork Independent» newspaper: English

General category of content of «Cork Independent» newspaper: General

Political alignment (orientation) of «Cork Independent» newspaper: None

Frequency of publication of «Cork Independent» newspaper: Weekly

Year of foundation (established) of «Cork Independent» newspaper (print version): 2007

Age of «Cork Independent» newspaper (print version): 16 years

Average circulation of «Cork Independent» newspaper: 21 000 (2007)

Website and digital version of «Cork Independent» newspaper: corkindependent.com

On this page you can find information about irish newspaper «Cork Independent»: short info, statistics and historical facts, founder and owner info, years of publications, area of circulation, actions, dates, interesting moments and others. Detailed Information contains more data and actual info about issue and showed in table view. Short description of the «Cork Independent» contains only general facts about media (founder, owner, publisher, years, political alignment).

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