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Information about «Земя» (Zemia) media
Newspaper Name: Земя
Newspaper name in English: The Ground
Alternative Names: Вестник ЗЕМЯ, Кооперативно Село
Owner: Коопмедия ООД
Publisher: Пресгрупа ДНЕС
Country / Region: Bulgaria (Sofia)
Language: Bulgarian
Format type: Newspaper
Category: Дача, сад, огород
Political alignment: None
Frequency: Daily
Publication Years (print version): 1951 — now (72 years)
Circulation: 8,000 (2015)
Official Pages:
Website: zemia-news.bg   [read with translation]

The first edition of this newspaper was published in 1951 in what was then communist Bulgaria, under the headline «Za kooperativno zemedelie» (For a Cooperative Agriculture). The newspaper published materials on the methods of farming and animal husbandry. Despite its strict thematic focus, approximately half of the newspaper's content was devoted to party reports and propaganda materials. From 1958 to 1990, the newspaper was known as «Cooperativno selo» («The Co-operative Village» or «Cooperative farm»). Since 1990, the name of the newspaper has been changed to the modern «Земя» («Zemya» or «Zemia») (The Ground). Its motto or slogan is «National Cooperative Vsekidnevnik» (National Cooperative Daily). «Zemya» is also considered one of the main provincial newspapers in Bulgaria, covering the life of regions and rural areas located far from major cities. Translated from Bulgarian, its name means «Land».

The «Земя» newspaper is aimed at residents of the province and focuses on covering the topics of agriculture, farming and agriculture in Bulgaria, in addition, it provides an overview of political, economic, social and other events. Its content depends on the season. In spring-summer-autumn, the main and most voluminous section is Agriculture, but in winter it takes up only one page. The main and permanent sections of the newspaper are: Bulgarian news, International news, Economy, Culture, Agriculture, Sports, Interviews, Music, Vzglyad, Ads, Humor, Internet. Periodical sections: Trakia (region of Bulgaria), Kooperacia (farming), Stadion, Goliamata politica (Big Politics), Za gradinata (Garden), Kitai dnes (China today), Za Doma (health, beauty, recipes, astrology).

The «Zemya» newspaper is published every day on 20-30 pages and retains the structure that was formed back in the Soviet era. The main page of the newspaper is devoted to 1-2 major events, and not necessarily national ones, this is usually the beginning of articles, the continuation of which can be found already inside the newspaper. Then a few pages are devoted to politics in the section «Vlastta» (The Power) and «Bulgaria» (speeches of government officials on various issues), and here the reader will find the block «Na tozi den» (This day in history), a tape of world events that occurred on this day in the past. This is followed by a section, «Oppositionyata» (Opposition), with speeches from various political parties. The main section «Zemedelie» (Agriculture) with farm news is «hidden» somewhere in the middle of the publication. The entire newspaper is permeated with official reports about auctions, notifications, meetings, purchases... The Iconomics section offers the reader a brief overview of the economic situation in the country. No less interesting will be the «Interview» and «Opinion» sections (Interviews, meetings with interesting people: politicians, scientists, businessmen, military men, writers). Each issue usually has two of them. «Glas Naroden» (Narodny Golos, this is the bulletin of the Socialist Party of Bulgaria). Complete the newspaper with informative «Kultura» (poster, event reviews), «Svyat» (international review), «Sport», and «Svobodnoe Vreme» (Crossword puzzle with TV Program).

An archive of most of the newspaper's publications in pdf format is freely available on the website. The main competitor of this newspaper is «Български фермер» (Bulgarian Farmer), which is more modern and innovative, not burdened with the burden of previous traditions.

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Detailed information about «Земя» (Zemia) media

Official newspaper name in original language: Земя

Newspaper name «Земя» translated in English: The Ground

Name of «Земя» in Latin alphabyte (transcription): Zemia

Additional or alternative (historical, short, second, abbreviation) names of the «Земя» newspaper (media also known as): Вестник ЗЕМЯ, Кооперативно Село

Owner of the «Земя» (Zemia) newspaper: Коопмедия ООД

Publisher of the «Земя» (Zemia) newspaper: Пресгрупа ДНЕС

Country or region of publishing of the «Земя» (Zemia) newspaper: Bulgaria

General language of the «Земя» (Zemia) newspaper: Bulgarian

General category of content of the «Земя» (Zemia) newspaper: Дача, сад, огород

Political alignment (orientation) of the «Земя» (Zemia) newspaper: None

Frequency of publication of the «Земя» (Zemia) newspaper: Daily

Year of foundation (established) of the «Земя» (Zemia) newspaper (print version): 1951

Age of the «Земя» (Zemia) newspaper (print version): 72 years

Average circulation of the «Земя» (Zemia) newspaper: 8,000 (2015)

Website and digital version of the «Земя» (Zemia) newspaper: zemia-news.bg

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