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Information about «Stock Journal» media
Newspaper Name: Stock Journal
Alternative Names: Adelaide Stock and Station Journal
Owner: Fairfax Media
Publisher: Australian Community Media
Country / Region: Australia (South Australia, Adelaide)
Language: English
Format type: Newspaper
Category: Business, finance, money
Political alignment: None
Frequency: Weekly
Publication Years (print version): 1904 — now (119 years)
Official Pages:
Website: stockjournal.com.au   [read with translation]

At the time of its founding in 1904, the publication was called the «Adelaide Stock and Station Journal» and was dedicated to the domestic financial and trading markets of the Adelaide region: stock exchange, wool, grain. The newspaper was intended for farmers and anyone who does business in the agricultural sector, invests in it or makes a profit from it. In the 1920s, the subject matter of the publication expanded somewhat: it included political, cultural, and social news; an interest club, and ads. In 1967, the publication was renamed the modern «Stock Journal», now it was a classic financial newspaper with a regional focus on the Australian provinces. The newspaper still has one of the most important sections of the agro-industrial and agricultural sector (sheep breeding, wool, meat, agricultural machinery, agricultural technologies), legal issues, topics of lending and investment, real estate rental are considered. The newspaper is part of the online network for farmers «Farmonline Network» (ads, sales, auctions, rent).

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Detailed information about «Stock Journal» media

Official newspaper name in original language: Stock Journal

Additional or alternative (historical, short, second, abbreviation) names of the «Stock Journal» newspaper (media also known as): Adelaide Stock and Station Journal

Owner of the «Stock Journal» newspaper: Fairfax Media

Publisher of the «Stock Journal» newspaper: Australian Community Media

Country or region of publishing of the «Stock Journal» newspaper: Australia

General language of the «Stock Journal» newspaper: English

General category of content of the «Stock Journal» newspaper: Business, finance, money

Political alignment (orientation) of the «Stock Journal» newspaper: None

Frequency of publication of the «Stock Journal» newspaper: Weekly

Year of foundation (established) of the «Stock Journal» newspaper (print version): 1904

Age of the «Stock Journal» newspaper (print version): 119 years

Website and digital version of the «Stock Journal» newspaper: stockjournal.com.au

On this page you can find information about Australian newspaper «Stock Journal»: short info, statistics and historical facts, founder and owner info, years of publications, area of circulation, actions, dates, interesting moments and others. Detailed Information contains more data and actual info about issue and showed in table view. Short description of the «Stock Journal» contains only general facts about media (founder, owner, publisher, years, political alignment).

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